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Oracle 10g, Enterprise Manager give “Page Not Found” Error

OS: Windows Server 2003 Sp1
Database: Oracle 10g (

There are two Oracle databases, one of them gives “Page Not Found” when accessed from Oracle Enterprise Manager. This server was upgraded from Windows 2000 and Oracle 9i.

SYS, SYSMAN, and DBSNMP password. Oracle_SID, and Listener port number.

Drop existing EM configuration:
C:\Data> set ORACLE_SID=
C:\Data> emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop

Recreate the EM environment:
C:\Data> emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create

Note: if the above steps is failed, you might need to drop SYSMAN user manually before continue. Refer to here for more information. In my case, I do not need to drop the SYSMAN.

Once it completed, you will find a new shortcut for the EM in the Start -> Program Files -> Oracle Orahome

If your user unable to log on to database using EM with the following Error message:
“The application requires more database privileges than you have currently been granted. Click on Help to get more version specific information.”

Add the following role to that user:

Hope this helps someone out there!

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Bye Vista


Hello Ubuntu 9.04..

Safety Carts

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On our way back home post holiday in Jogjakarta, we were going through Magelang city, then Temanggung, Parakan, Weleri, until we reach the North Shore roadline (Jalur Pantura).

In Parakan to Weleri the road is small and going up and down, as actually we are crossing highland area to cross from Center of java to the Northen part of Java Island. It is not a main road, but very useful if we want to shorthen the travelling time from Jogja to Jakarta. It usually spare us one to two hours of the travelling time, compared if we go by path that lead to Semarang before hit the North Shore roadline.

There the traffic for a few times suddenly become noticable slow, and when we finally see the very front of the line, the cause of the traffic jam is an Andong. Andong is a four wheeled cart pulled by one or two horses, similar to the one in the picture. Since the road is small, the car behind the Andong would not able to pass over it easily, we must wait the traffic from the opposite line is empty, take to the opposite roadline, pass over the Andong and return back to our line. Thus any car behind the Andong must queue one by one.

Then our thought came to the Safety Car in F1 Grandprix, those Andongs might have the same function on those hill road, and were put down to street whenever people are driving too fast or on an emergency, only this one is not a car, but a cart. 🙂

Team, people going far too fast again on our little street, launch three safety carts now!

On the picture are Andongs of Malioboro street in Jogjakarta.