Yes, the night is still young

In Search for Our Self

Part 1:

Be what you wants to be, and perhaps you’d find what you think as your self..

Of course you can be your self, but which self do you want to be?

The last line above I read for the first time in a fortune program running on BASH Linux many years ago, and from that time I agree that Computer Science should be taught in Philosophy Faculty. 🙂

Anyway for now I believe that ourselves is the sums of our own experiences, this sum of experiences reflects in our attitude and manner.

Part 2:

So then I find myself consciously and (most of the time) unconsciously learns and absorbs from experiences. And then still consciously and (still most of the time) unconsciously reflects my learning as a new (or an evolved) person, sometime make me a better person in other time drag me to the darker side of life.

And in the event where I could choose which experience that I could take, I would try to do so, and by doing that, I try to affects which self I want to be.

Why I say I try to affects? because decision are build by many factors, inside and outside ourselves, our environment, and condition that affect our environment (weather, economics condition (in micro and macro scale), political and other daily stuff, etc).

Part 3:

A set of condition out of my self affecting my environment that I can not control I defined as ‘Other Power’. Why named them as Other Power?, because these conditions are out of my control, and even out of my environment control.

To describe ourself I try to use a formula:
Ourself = f(Mydecision, MyDetermination, MyEnvironment, OtherPower)

Ourself equal to a function with variables: our decision, our determination, our environment (which we can control), and Other Power (uncontrolled).

Other power described as chain reaction of actions from other beings in the Universe. This variable is actually uncountable and could be in harmony or in disharmony with what I intend to do.

With above theory, the ‘Other Power’ variable could have involved my decision making process (for example by affecting environment where I be) and affecting my determination and then my action.

part 4:

Internally, decision mostly related to facts judgment, situation /environment, our behaviour, and our emotions.

There are behavior that came from our parents or ancestors, genetically coded within us, say like people characters. But we know environment (which affected by Other Power) could strengthen or weaken those behavior or character. Environment could change our genetics codes.

Other behavior that characterize our self that came from direct or indirect education. This influence can be included as environmental factor.

Emotion also give big contribution on a decision making process. Internally affected by manner: experiences and education (which are direct/indirect effect of past environment), and also codes in our genes, Externally it affected by current environment.

to shorten words, beside our Genetics, the other factor are external or from external factors which adopted or absorbed to be within ourself, therefore it is affected by environment which in turn are affected by Other Power. Try using another formula:

Ourself = f(Genetics, Other Power)

Genetics are shaped, bended and evolved to survives environments either todays or environment of our ancestors. Then the environment is affected mostly by Other Power, we could simplify the above formula to be:

Ourself = f(Other Power)

Deriving from formula above:
1. Our decision are lead or guided by numerous factor, all of those factors are sourced from external factors which adopted or absorbed to be within ourself in present and past time.

2. On the process to decide, part of it, has been started long before the thing to decide is consciously though.

3. Who we are right now is a growing product; Come from collective action of numerous other beings in the Universe, not just from our time but also from past time.

–to be continued–


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