Yes, the night is still young

StumbleUpon: A Journey to the Expected Unknown

Do you remember how was your feeling the last time you came across upon something interesting? a new hobby, something you never see before, yet it something you always wanted to know, or found something you have forgotten before?.

If you have forgotten how was the feeling, then I can tell you: the feeling is good and refreshing or calming (depends on what you find :))

Try this  StumbleUpon. For this link, you should have Firefox Browser.

If you choose to use Internet Explorer, you must open the Stumbleupon web site using IE browser, and it will know which installation file you should download.

If you are using Firefox, just install the add-on, restart Firefox, then choose some topics that you think will be interesting for you by click the check boxes or define your own tags.

After that, go to the StumbleUpon button on your browser toolbar, it will bring you to a random web page which matched categories you have chosen.

The important feature of StumbleUpon, is the feature that enable you to tag it as you like it or not. It will be used by StumbleUpon to decide whether it will present the same page to other people or gradually dump it if all other people have same feeling like yours.

It is quite amazing how this tools takes you to some great web site you never know before.

Feature introduced by StumbleUpon perhaps could remind you of the ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ button at Google.The difference is that Google will not change it’s destination next time you click the button.

warning: this feature could cause you loosing time.

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