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Preparation to Avoid Last Minutes Urgent Situation on Your Project

The below steps are common, however not all people doing it consciously, and who done it consciously sometime got it disorderly or only use some part of it.

Purpose: To successfully finish project on designated time or avoid immediate last minutes urgent situation on a project.

Keyword: understanding, grouping, delegate, monitor, review.

  1. Understand scope of work, circumstance, type of work
  2. Group tasks, divide it to reasonable smaller tasks, and identify similarity.
  3. On each Task, Go to detail. Start from general requirement, and go deep to the detail steps (remember Data Flow Diagram concepts).
  4. summarize work load and start work delegation to your team members at the soonest.
  5. Estimate time needed to finish each task. Consider your team members expertise.
  6. Create Project Schedule, fit it with customer time line and other internal inquiry.
  7. Monitor progress weekly.
  8. Review and identify problems / difficulties.
  9. Estimate time to solve problem / difficulties and check whether the same situation could happens to other tasks.
  10. Based on review result, anticipate schedule impact either by reschedule, add team member, or working overtime.

Foot note: on the step no.2, you don’t need to go until the last detail, if you have the grasp on the situation, let your team member working with the detail part, so that they understand their scope, and you have time to do other project management part.

While working over time is not actually a good way to solve project time problem, and somewhat shows problem on our time management, often this is the only way out, due to many conflicting requirement internally or externally. However our purpose is to avoid this to happens in last minutes without preparation.

Do I miss something? please comment 🙂

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