Yes, the night is still young

The Age of Global Companies

A Global Company is a company where the experts and skill that contribute to Company (which also mean the one who contribute and support the Customers) are local resources. While an International Company is a company where we have expertise and skill centralized in some head quarter and do cross border project.

Benefit gained using the Global Company approach includes:

  1. Less Cost Overhead
  2. More Competitive Project Price
  3. Faster Support and solutions
  4. Expertise that tuned to local conditions.

The critical points on the Global Company is how to ensure high expertise level are developed locally and the same high support standard are being implemented globally.

It is necessary to have standardize methods (ISO), continuous training, periodic knowledge update, fast information dissemination and strict quality control.

With this approach, we don’t need to have expatriate employees or expatriate leader. therefore creates opportunity for local employee to reach higher position, advances local knowledge and build confidence on local resources.

What’s your comment? are you working in a Global Company or an International Company?

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