Yes, the night is still young

We are always on the right time and the right place.

You must be familiar with the above phrase and all of the combination of “right” and “wrong” words in it. What we actually see is some person or our self that we thought too good or in other case, too bad to be in a specific situation / conditions.

Why we are here right know, is just part of the processes. And we could not ignore that there are numerous other processes around us, each with its own stage. Those seems unrelated factors could caused someone in such situations. and if we could consider just 10% of all the related factor. we might change our thought.

We are always on the right time and our place is right here in the present time.
And if we are not there yet, believe me, it is just a matter of time. If you are lucky to be supported by other factor in the Universe and somehow in harmony with them.

note: 10% value mentioned above is not a real value needed to make a decision. It is merely an example to give a picture on how much factor we could consider before make a decision. Yet real decision sometime does not need to be that complex anyway, as human able to use at least the following two things, that would help us do quick and with big probability to be a correct decision: pattern and abstraction.

related reading: In Search for Our Self.

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