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Surviving Jakarta for Family Man

You know the situation in Jakarta, the common buzz words you heard every each day like bad traffics, inhuman work load, long distance between working / living place, high living cost, and whatever. You name it.

Among other things, one of many downsides of living in Jakarta is that you don’t have enough time to be with your family. You want to be with them, but you need to do whatever you do right now to support your family, to support your living. and unfortunately looks like it just keeps you away from your family.

So how will you bring your family to survive Jakarta? to be together as family for as long as you can? to still have a warm and comfort home for you, your wife, and your kids? to be not just a husband, a wife, or a father for your family, but to be a best friend for each of your family member?

I have lists some items that me and my wife do right now, that we thought would serve as a work around to compliment the complicating live in Jakarta.

  • Maintain Commitment

The first and the most important, is the will to commit to your family. This one will work its way and provide you with many unique ways to survive your family living.

  • Spare time to talk, discuss daily stuff, and share your daily story.

Especially for working couple, go and return to/from work together is a very good time to talk, depends on your traveling time, you can spend perhaps 1 to 3 hours just to talk (yes 3 hours, this is Jakarta). You might not be able to do it at home, most of the time because at home you must share your attention to your kids.

  • Hang out together and having fun.

Just you and your partner, choose some activities to enjoy after work hour together. Try a new restaurant, hang out in coffee shop, or whatever you both finds exciting. Doing this once a week should do well, and you might find yourself relaxing and get a closer feeling to each other.

  • Schedule Family day

Don’t let your weekend days passing by. Label it as family recreation day. Go swimming, to the park, or just shopping together, bring your whole family, play around. Create a great time with your kids.

  • Build ‘Teamwork’. help your family member, speak your problem.

You, your partner, and your kids are a team, Hear them, what’s they want? what’s their problem? Work problem or job related problem, How can you help them? Share your ideas, lend your hands. or if you have no idea how to solve their problem, show your support to them.

  • Spare time to recharge.

Does not meant to be contrary to the listing above, but yes you need time to recharge your self. If you need private time to spend by your self or with your partner without your kids, ask for it. You could arrange with your partner, who will take care your kids while you recharge your self.

That’s all, our way to make a family living in Jakarta, all of it include communication, a honest and straight forward one would really help.

There are time we could not do all of the above because some situations, but we try to do it as far as we could.

Hopes we will come out as survivors.

So then, how about you?

How’s your own special work around? Please share your idea.

Inspired by Pet Shop Boys Lyrics: The Survivors

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