Yes, the night is still young

3 Principal of Survival for Engineer at Site

At site, there always be some people with their own purpose and their own plan, your mission is to finish your objectives at the soonest, and if possible with harmony with the project time line. However there always things that are unpredictable (even when you have assessed whatever you think would be an obstacles). So there will be time when you think, that you will never be able go home or finish the project.

With survival mode in minds, let us lists what we could do to fasten our way home.

1. Do not try to be a Hero

There are many things to do at site, and many seems unrelated conditions that directly impact your objective, so one of the most important thing: Do not go to site by yourself, if you measure that you need a team. You are not a Superman and you don’t have to be one. You need a team with a defined job description before dispatch to site. Going to site on your own is a heroic action that I suggest not to be taken.

The second thing: Stick on your plan, make a strict scopes and warn your customer not to cross this fine border line. Go further than your scope of work is another heroic thing you should not try to do. Doing this and maintain a good relationship with the customer is sometime a tricky business, but experience will teach you how (hopefully not in a bad way).

2. Forget the multitasking
Avoid the temptation to go for multitasking. Multitasking is a myth. When you are at site, you could not afford trading a high quality job, with several under-quality-but-finished job. So take task in hand one by one in an order of priority.

3. Mind your own business, but come with true help, when one’s in needs need.
With correlation with the previous point however, you could not neglect your team member when they are in trouble. So measure the level of importance of their SOS request, then wisely judge whether this guy really need a help, or he just need to try harder. If he really need a help, then go jump and help him. Remember you might soon going to need his help too.

That all for now, how about you? what’s your way to survive from site in an elegant way? tell us!

Yet remember that Survive at site is one thing, Escape from site is another thing!


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