Yes, the night is still young

Our Own Little World

I’ve been spent almost two weeks on a barge next to a platform in south china sea, here we stays on 4 beds room and share the bathroom with the adjacent 4 beds room. Yesterday my friend who were stays in other room, just at the back to my room complaining that the other guys who stay in the same room with him, in the middle of the night so suddenly just turn on his mp3 player and play some songs quite loud. He and the other two room mates woke up and wonder what the hell is this guys doing, don’t he realize that other people are in needs of rest and sleep?

In fact, yes, I don’t think this guys even remember or care that there are other people in the room that time. That time he was in his his own world.

All in all doesn’t he a bit like you and me?


One response

  1. what he needs is an attitude lesson, not an mp3 player 😀

    December 13, 2007 at 3:42 pm

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