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Integrative Thinker

This writing is found in my office news letter, usually any type of newsletter always go to auto-archive (I want auto-delete, but that is not available). From this time, I will pay more attention to the newsletter 🙂

Integrative Thinker decides and takes action by applying intuition, experience, and judgment to the data available. Demonstrates ability to assimilate various and conflicting information or opinions into a well considered decision. Understands the implications of individual actions or recommendations on other systems, markets, processes, and functions.

Source: Honeywell Behavior
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• Connect experiences, observations and seemingly unrelated bits of information to see patterns and draw conclusions not readily apparent to others

• Use information, judgment and logic to understand a problem or situation and assess carefully before acting

• Be able to identify and address the major and critical issues in a complex situation

• Give appropriate weight and balance to different pieces of information

• Identify the part of the business value chain that is affected by a particular decision or action, diagnose the situation, and prioritize what needs to be done and who needs to be involved

• Think strategically and critically analyze details; think on multiple levels while gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing globally relevant data

• Balance two seemingly conflicting goals and do well at both (e.g., growth and productivity, high market share and high price, high customer satisfaction and low inventory, innovation and dependability, clear goals and flexible strategies, focused employees and constant change, quality and speed, creativity and discipline)

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