Yes, the night is still young

The Anesthetics of Life – Part 1

“I started to look around and see a lot of people who were unhappy. They were anesthetizing themselves with gossip or alcohol or psychoparmaceuticals or affair”. Atoosa Rubenstein, controversial former editor in chief of Seventeen magazine and founder of CosmoGirl, on why she decided to get out of the magazine industry. (Time Magazine, dec 10, 2007). my question to her, where would she go next?

Regardless where she would go or what she would do, Yet, might be that is life all about; to go on and pick up your anesthetics along the road.

The Theory:
Anything you find in life might be just another anesthetics. Or We could say these anesthetics in other words: something we love/like (or in some persons case, something we hate/dislike?) both in the form of material and immaterial. Going from here, we could say; anything we love is anesthetics.

Statement: We all are unhappy, and everybody try to anesthetizes themselves to be able to feel happiness for a while and go on (to find another anesthetics of life).

Proof: Is that true that we are all unhappy without anesthetization? let’s try to imagine if we let go all of our current anesthetics, for example: good work, money, family, religions, lovers. let all go, can you free yourself from anything you love and consciously able to be happy?

If you can, then you are certified to be free from anesthetization.

I believe everyone of us can be free, it just a matter of time. But then again, do we need to be free from anesthetization? do we need to be free from the things we love?

Maybe we just need to be sure the way we anesthetizes our self or the way we search for anesthetics are not hurting other beings or ourselves along the road, maybe we just need to stays on the ‘good anesthetics’.

arising question: How we know we are not hurting other beings or ourselves when we are flying high in anesthetization? Even more questions; do you think we could judge something is good or bad, when we addicted to it?


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