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Safety Drill @home

As you might familiar with safety drill in your work environment, let’s not forget to prepare and do drill in our home, of which our assets and those whom dear to us resides.

Safety drill in our home will be customized according to the conditions and environment of our home. Safety drill at home needs participation of all family members living in the house.

Judging on my location and area of living, Out of many drill I pick two that seems to be the most important: Fire Drill and Earth Quake Drill.

Preparation on Fire hazard condition:

1. Identify possible source of hazard (fire from kitchen, neighbor’shouse, etc)

2. How to control fire (from preparing a portable fire extinguisher or a simple fire blanket near fire source)

3. How to escape from fire (prepare primary and secondary escape route)

4. Make sure the escape route are accessible (not blocked and the emergency keys available near the escape route)

5. Prepare an emergency pack near escape route (with medicine, some fresh clothes, flash light, communication device, wallet, etc)

Preparation for Earth Quake hazard is almost the same with fire, the important thing is to go away from house as soon as possible. Therefore the step 3 to 5 above will be used.

When you’re done with preparation, now we need to do the drill, try to simulate several emergency conditions like fire from kitchen, fire in bedroom level 1 or level 2, earth quake while in TV room, earth quake in the night, hazard when family member are separated, etc.

Simulate and discuss any hazard or emergency conditions that might happen, try out to use the escape route. Give direction to family member when to decide to control the hazard or to leave at the soonest.

Do the safety drill periodically and improve your procedure each time. The main purpose of safety drill is create awareness in our family member so that they are prepared for the worst and know what to do to survive.

What is a drill? in our context it mean exercise for a certain condition, which also covers the preparation for such particular condition.
Safety Drill related to exercise and preparation related to hazard or emergency condition which might happen anytime unexpected.

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