Yes, the night is still young

In the Shoulder of Walking Giants

One day I was called to support neighboring platform site, regarding some problem with their Plant Process Historian software. This site had raised the issue to high level management as this particular node is critical for process analysis. So I was required to be transferred to that site to support recovery effort on the next day.

After getting complete log files and descriptions of the problem, I click the Google Desktop shortcut, enter some description, and not too long, I got the solution. This problem once happens a couple years back and there already some resolution and conclusion. So I mail the solution steps and receive some feedback. On the next day I come confidently to that site and having a nice handshakes and congratulation words.

There are several giants helping me this time; my three years old and growing Outlook Mailbox, the internal discussion forums from which my mailbox get mails, my five gigabyte reference documents and project files. And last but not least: Google Desktop the desktop search tool.

My mailbox, the forums, those documents, and the search tools are there by the efforts of thousands persons, together they are giants, they are growing and walking. What an honor and so much luck for me to stand on their shoulder.

Yet, so great is the knowledge base it won’t very much useful without the proper tool. There come Google Desktop unifying and indexing those knowledge together.

There are many desktop search tools around, but this one come with the simple web based interface we are so familiar with, plus you get a nice side bar and cool gadgets.

This post is dedicated for those who shares and publish their knowledge and opinions so that others would have a bright day.

Thank you.


One response

  1. wulan

    congratulations pa 🙂

    June 9, 2008 at 9:36 am

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