Yes, the night is still young

Just Another Service Engineer Day

On last trip we were install a work around for user with limited access to be able to use an “engineer feature” in the station PC. Implementing the solution on 8 Stations, it work great for 6 stations, the other two which turn out to be the most important are failing to works. All setting checked to be similar.

Had been troubleshooting for one day without result, I decide to take backup of the problematic stations and the rest of the station, also take capture of the network configuration and user customs setting on those stations. Then I disconnect those problematic stations from networks, restore disk image from another working station to the one with problems. Restore the network and user custom configuration, restart and reconnect the stations to network.

And as expected, the problem’s gone, everything works!

This is the approach we usually do: we call it result oriented. đŸ™‚

Do we then ignore the root cause and walk away? not quite, as we understand that just in the next corner we might face the similar problem, but for now we move on for the sake of progress.

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