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On Genetics to Behavior

Found and interesting posting by Anjar which also one of my point of interest, it is about how behavior and leaders related to genetics.

As genes are transforming past experiences to the new being, there will be some variables that has been there since we were born, however as gene it self dynamically mutates by environment, then present environment will have its influences to change the next genes. Therefore be in the right environment play important part in survival.

A man does mutates either in the physical form or in behavior. A successful person could be said has been successfully suits his environment. If a man fails, then he will mutate and gain success in time or he might extinct. Unless he able to migrate and find friendlier environment for him.

If people exposed to bad environment (subjective), they might die or mutates to suit the environment.

In practical life, the same rule seems applies. For someone’s evolutions, we could take a part as one of the environment variable or even play our part as environment chooser.

If we able to place our subordinate (like our children, or our team member) in a proper environment or we play our part personally as a good environment, we might see them grows and mutates to a better, stronger man who could then survives a degraded environment and could decide when it is time to migrate to another environment.

We should not forces an environment to anyone but put direction for them to suitable environment, and this would be a unique matter, different case for each individual.

Choosing environment early would gives us chances to monitor and “migrate” our subordinate to other environment in which we judge able to provide optimum expected behavior mutation which lead to successful evolution.

However to play our part successfully, I believe there is no choice but we must be personally ‘near’ to our object, whether it is our children or our subordinate. You know what I mean.

What do you think?

more reading: Introduction to Genetics, Mutation, Introduction to Evolution


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