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Sikorsky S-76 Vs Eurocopter EC-155B

It’s been 10 months I had go back and forth to a remote site using Helicopter. for the first 6 months I had been on Sikorsky S-76 flights. Then somewhere in March they changed the Chopper to Eurocopter EC-155B.

Sikorsky S-76 I recognized as a very stable chopper, take-off process and landing in offshore platform is smooth. However from the interior you could see sign of aging, you could also feels that the chopper had been there for some time from the looks of the cockpit instrument. But there are no complain there, all working fine, and the pilots for those chopper are very capable.

EC-155B has an impressive build, looks durable and light, the flight instrument are modern and sophisticated. However the process of take off and landing are not as smooth as Sikorsky S-76. A noticeable vibration is always presents during take-off and a lot more when this chopper approaching platform for landing.

It’s been almost 2 month after my last time with EC-155B when I return to site again. Then I feel the vibration is not disturbing me anymore. I still can feel the vibration, but it just feels OK. It wonders me, how fast my body forget the stability and a very confident feeling I have on a ride with Sikorsky S-76.

Maybe that’s what our body always do, make a quick adjustment to suit our environment. But fortunately (or unfortunately?) our mind takes more time to forget.

I am longing to ride again the S-76, my all time favorite chopper.

Pictures taken from here and here

Some good pictures of Sikorsky S76 and Eurocopter EC-155B

Wikipedia of Sikorsky S-76 and Eurocopter EC-155


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