Yes, the night is still young

Success is

Success is:

1. A measurement of how far a person shifts from a starting point to a certain point onward, in a timely manner. The weighting variable is how difficult/how complex his conditions at the starting points, against how far he shifts to a certain point onward. In difficult condition, tiny shifting onward from a starting point could be considered as success, while a person with full support and good condition at the starting point needs a long distance onward to be considered as a success person.

2. A person’s ability to retain good condition / good starting point against problems.

3. Having a defined targets and achieve it in timely manner.

Most of the time variables of difficult conditions are personal, or only known internally by the particular person, thus success measurement from external point of view most of the time is subjective and arguable. How much time it takes to arrive at a certain point usually matters.

Another bias happens when observer mixed a person’s success with community general standard of success.

Definition no.3 is free from difficult condition variables; you define it then you must achieve it, no achievement then no success, no matter how difficult is your condition.

When we are not plan for something, yet it came to us, then it is not a success, it is merely a gift.

A Star Wars Success:

1. Not falling to dark side when pursuing your defined target or when you fight for freedom.
2. Return to light side after being a dark world princess for sometime before you passed away.

Note: In case you are a dark world warrior, then try to negate the above points 🙂

And now, what’s your definition?


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